Yoga and Fitness

With the largest floating yoga studio in Rincon!

SUP Yoga

SUP Yoga is one of the best things to do while in Rincon! This ever popular fitness activity trend in stand up paddle boards is one of our favorite offerings! We have the largest floating yoga studio in Rincon, with an unique anchor system that allows you to tether your board to a special hook and your board becomes your floating yoga mat! Safe, fun and in the warm waters near shore this is the perfect way to engage with SUP yoga for a first timer or a regular! For the ultimate fitness activity and vacation experience, Rincon based Paddle Diva provides the best paddle boards for SUP yoga. Contact us today to learn more!

SUP Fitness Activities

Another great way to get your fitness in, while on vacation is to try out SUP Fitness classes! They take place right on the industries best paddle boards that are a great alternative to the gym. These SUP FITNESS classes are a workout combining upper body strengthening moves and yoga stretches, sprints, power paddles and exercises meant to target each muscle group (legs, back, abs/core, etc.). These 60 minutes classes give you a quick refresher on how to paddle, then we start the vacation workout! Just bring water, a beach towel, put on your sunscreen and you are good to go! Oh of course: bathing suits are required!